The Waiting Begins

Okay, so about two weeks ago, I told all of you about plunging into the world of audiobooks. It started off great. I listened to three narrators the day after I put out the call for them. However, there are two that have not auditioned for me but I have listened to their audio samples who I think would be perfect to read for my novel, Relations.

My problem? I haven’t been able to get in touch with either of them.

Have you ever called a repairman, agree on what needs to be done at your home, set aside a block of time to wait for him and he doesn’t show up?

Don’t you hate that?

I hate that!

Yeah, I know, the comparisons aren’t quite the same. I haven’t secured a narrator yet. It’s through no fault of mine. They are nowhere to be found.

I’m ready to get on with the project and this throws a monkey wrench in my plans. What to do?

Stay tuned.



Can You Hear Me (or My Adventure in the World of Audiobooks)

I have been asked whether my novel, Relations, was available as an audiobook. Crestfallen, I had to admit that it was not.

Well, it will not be that way for much longer for I am delving into that dark and scary but envy-inducing world of audiobooks! Envy-inducing because I have considered the audiobook option for quite a while now and envied those authors who were brave enough to take the plunge. Scary because quite frankly, most things that are unknown to us are scary-at least to me, especially when it comes to contracts and other legal documents. Will it be worth the hard work and sacrifice?

Sacrifice, you say?

Yeah, sure. I mean, look at what day it is! I should be kicking back, savoring Christmas Eve or at least running around the town for last minute bargains. Not!

I’ll keep you appraised of my progress. I have already listened to two auditions! Can you guess what I’m wishing for Christmas?