Why Closure is Important in Cliffhangers

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A Writer's Path


by Millie Ho

I’ve always wondered how Breaking Bad managed to get away with so many cliffhanger episode endings AND leave us with a feeling of completeness at the same time.

After re-watching the series for the second time, I think I have the answer: closure.

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Becoming a Writer in Your 40s, 50s, and Beyond

A Writer's Path

hands elderly

by Lauren Sapala

Age can be a touchy topic for artists of all types. There’s a glamorous myth that says all the geniuses come into their talent at a young age, and by the time they’re 30 they have already reached astonishing heights of prowess.

But like so many other sexy tales that figure into writing mythology, this one has little basis in fact.

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The Love Labyrinth©

Image by Pexels*

Have you ever wondered how you could see more than one side to an issue?

How about three sides?


Meet Clark Johnson:

“Women. Does anyone understand them?

Treat ’em right but does it matter? They still don’t know what they want.”


Coming soon!

The Love Labyrinth by Pamela D. Beverly

* Disclaimer: This is not the actual cover.

6 Signs of Scam Publishers

Steven Capps

As a warning, I am writing the rough draft of this post on my IPhone while I do cardio at the gym (cue gym selfie below). I am trying to be more efficient and thought that this would be a good time to get in some writing.


Earlier today, I was browsing Facebook and amid the swath of political drivel, I found an advertisement for a publisher looking for authors. Several red flags flickered almost immediately. Though this post is inspired by an actual publisher, I am going to omit their name because when I reached out to them, they deleted the content. It seemed like they were more of a naive kid rather than a malicious con-artist. Regardless, here are 6 Red Flags to be aware of when looking into a publisher.

Red Flags of Scam Publishers

1. Poor Marketing Design

It doesn’t take an award winning artist to…

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Amazon Notifications Regarding Copyright

Nicholas C. Rossis

Amazon | From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's books Image: dailyfinance.com

Image this: You have the perfect campaign lined up, and are counting the days before you finally start paying off the cost of those ads.

Then, you receive an email from Amazon accusing you of copyright infringment. Your book has been taken down for now, until you prove it is, indeed, written by you.

This is what’s been happening to several authors, who have received the dreaded copyright notifications from Amazon. Specifically, they’ve received the following email:


We are writing to you regarding the following book(s):

Title:[book title]

During a quality assurance review of your catalog, we found content (text and/or images) that is widely available on the web. You can do an online search for the content inside your books to discover which sites are offering the content for free. Copyright is important to us – we want to make sure that no author or other copyright…

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An Excerpt from The Love Labyrinth©

Image Credit: Pixels*


     “Come here, Rodney,” Wayne called. “Let me get to that head of yours.”

     “While you’re doing that, I think I’ll go to the post office and get some stamps,” Noelle

said, going to the hall closet to get her coat.

     Wayne peeked his head out of the kitchen. “I have some in my wallet.”

     Noelle took her coat off the hanger and closed the door. Slipping it on, she replied,

“That’s okay. I want to get some air anyway.”

     “Suit yourself.”

     She went upstairs to their bedroom and grabbed her purse, then left the house.

     Noelle went to the post office and afterwards, got back into her car and drove around

aimlessly, not wanting to go back home right away. She reviewed the events of the past

evening in her mind. Her exchanges with Wayne had been sparse when he arrived home.

They’d shared a brief kiss and embrace, then Noelle had gone to warm up his dinner while

Wayne spent time with the kids.

     After he had eaten, the children were asleep and they had prepared for bed. Noelle had

taken a long, leisurely bath and was dismayed to discover that Wayne was still awake when

she entered their bedroom.

     “Junior told me that you gave him some pointers on how to write a good book report and

that he got a B on it.”

     “Yes, he did a good job.” Noelle climbed into bed and after turning out the lamp on her

nightstand, turned on her side, away from him.

     “You deserve some credit,” Wayne countered with gentleness.

    “I didn’t do it for him. He’s a bright boy. All he needed was a little coaching.” She

wanted to go to sleep. She felt his warm hand brush the hair away from her ear and her

body gave an involuntary shiver.

     Wayne kissed her neck, pulling her gently into his embrace. “You just can’t take a

compliment, can you?”

     She tried to wriggle out of it. “Maybe because I’m not used to them anymore. Wayne,

I’m really sleepy.”

     “Baby, it’s been almost two weeks. I’ve been getting home late or out of town and

lately, you’re always tired.”

     “Well, I’m sorry, but you know the boys can be a handful. Especially when you’re not at

home …”

     He continued to kiss her, running his hands all over her body. “Just a little bit, baby?”

     I can’t believe you! Noelle seethed inside. We’ve barely spoken since you’ve gotten home and

you’ve got the nerve to use our secret code for wanting to make love, one we both haven’t used in a

very long time. I ought to slap you. Here I’ve been frustrated for so long, waiting for you to show me

a bit of genuine affection.

     “Wayne, we need to talk.” She continued to struggle against him.

     Slipping his hands beneath her nightshirt, Wayne whispered, “Later.”

     Against her better instincts, Noelle yielded to the overpowering desire for her

husband’s affection. You sure know how to push my buttons, she thought weakly, despising


     There were no further protests.

     Forcing her mind back to the present, Noelle thought with despair, I should’ve told him

no. Simple sex is not going to fix this thing.

     I’m on a road leading nowhere.


*Disclaimer: This is not the actual cover.


Be on the lookout for my sizzling second novel, The Love Labyrinth©

by Pamela D. Beverly, on Amazon.com and other online retailers soon!

Win 50 Books for a School or Library

Kristen Twardowski


I want to share a contest that I recently stumbled across. Brightly, a division of Penguin Random House that focuses on books for kids and young adults, is giving away a collection of 50 books. The sweepstakes is open to parents, librarians, and teachers who live in the United States and runs from now until March 25, 2017.

This is a great opportunity to spread some bookish love, so if you or someone you know would benefit from the books, head over to fill out the entry form at www.readbrightly.com.

Best of luck to anyone who enters! I’m sure some kids will enjoy the grand prize.

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Share Your World – January 29, 2017

Do you prefer juice or fruit? I love orange juice but it doesn’t like me so much anymore. I have to say that I like both equally–I like eating fresh pineapple but I don’t care for pineapple juice that much. I love grape juice and I also like grapes. So it just depends.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it? I guess it was considered a medium-sized city, although I lived on the outskirts of it (Washington, DC). I never paid that much attention to it. I knew many of the kids and grown-ups in my neighborhood or knew of them so in a sense, it was like a small town. I liked it because of that reason.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colors would you use? I would say off-white, brick-red, granite-gray and green. I lived in a large apartment complex which consisted of a number of mid-rise brick  buildings in an off-white color, with brick-reddish insets. Apartments were on three sides of us. In front of our building and the attached building was a large parking lot consisting of asphalt where the residents parked as well as in the playground, which I don’t think is allowed these days. Green would be the trees interspersed here and there around the complex. This photo doesn’t do the place justice; however, all of the photos I had neighbors in them so I’m using this one to protect their privacy.

Ways to relax list: Make a list of what relaxes you helps you feel calm.

  1. Writing.
  2. Listening to music.
  3. Resting after a workout.
  4. Watching TV although some programs can actually make me feel tense, like the news, lol!

Optional Bonus Question: What are you grateful for from last week and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? I’m thankful that the deer that collided with my car didn’t wind up in my lap! As for this week, I’m looking forward to finishing up some work pertaining to my second novel.