No words

We don’t accept this. We’re silent because we are numb. Once again, the world is face-to-face with terrorism in its ugliest form.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Sometimes there are no words. They have all been said. We are left only with those that sound like platitudes although they are spoken from the heart.

There are no words. Yet to remain silent is to accept somehow, that this is the way our days now unfold, that terror and violence are just news items, that life is cheap and human flesh mere fodder for extremist politics.

There are no words, yet there are those will spew rhetoric and seek to boost their own cause or popularity on the back of such horror.

There are no words to encompass the abhorrence felt at the perpetration of such acts felt by all those with a heart, regardless of nationality or creed. This is no more than murder, committed by a handful of power–hungry bigots seeking to impose by force what reason and freedom denies…and in doing so, going against the…

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