Regarding Goodreads new policy, To agree or not to agree…..

My path to self publishing Multicultural YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

So Goodreads finally did it! They finally caved into the authors who behave badly and are now removing reviews based on this very fact. Libertad and I both have weird feelings about this. While I know it’s hard trying to go out there and be an author, traditionally published or Indie, I think in the end this is only going to eradicate what Good reads has worked so hard at, and that is becoming the one of the largest online book communities.

Maybe there are some upsides to it, but for now I can’t really see them. I probably can’t see the plus to it because I started out as a book reviewer and STILL review books on a regular basis. My “book blogging persona” I like to keep separate from my “Author persona”. Why? Because if we reviewed books on here(this being somewhat of an author/writing blog), It…

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