Eight Things To Keep in Mind

In The Air Again

Just as these last few months have passed by quickly, my time in Argentina will as well. In days, I will be on a plane to Córdoba, Argentina. My assignment: community development. This includes promoting literacy, organizing recreational activities, developing creative programs and teaching basic English to children and adults. For my two months stay, I have a general idea of what will fill my days. The charming cultures of South America will soon surround me. The excitement of my soon-to-be adventure has settled.

The Unknown

A side note about me: I love the similarities within the differences. I love culture and tradition.  My most recent travel to India was my first visit outside the country. (India, wonderfully full of culture and tradition.) Experiencing India from a social work perspective introduced me to global health. In pursuit of  right living and my selfless service commitment, I have considered many options. Here are some likely pathways:

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