Did You Think it Would be Like This?

I think that most of us that write consider ourselves to be creative types. Thinking of a topic to write about, proofreading it endlessly, submitting it to editors, agonizing over the content they want you to cut out or defending that which you think should remain in your piece is difficult enough. Add to the burden self-published authors have to carry–setting up book signings and personal appearances, not to mention financing them–is enough to make one want to jump back into bed and crawl under the covers, if you’ve got a primarily introverted personality like I do.

And don’t even bring up the fact that we live in the digital age! Having to construct and maintain a blog, websites and heaven knows what else–unless you’re a teenager or a retiree–when there are barely enough hours in the day to do that and everything else in your life.

What about you fellow authors out there? Did you think it would be like this? I’ve been around since the days before the advent of digital publishing and e-books (gasp!) so I’ve seen the transition. Although there are many benefits to it, the mere fact that almost anyone that owns a computer can publish or have a book published, proofreading and editing notwithstanding.

Out of the now mind-boggling number of published titles out there, you now have to wonder–what will make yours stand out? I have to admit that I didn’t.

I’d like to hear from you. What did you think it would be like, author of the Twenty-First Century?

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