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While eating, I would observe numerous families consisting of many nationalities, eating or interacting with the staff, who were also from all over the world.

Therefore, it boggles my mind when I continue to read about violence here in the U.S. as well as other parts of the world. It is so senseless.

Why is this?

A man in the nearby town of Temple Hills, Maryland, shot two firefighters, killing one and critically injuring the other,  after they came to his residence on a welfare check. It is unclear at this time whether he thought that it was a home invasion or whether they introduced themselves or forced their way in but it asks the question: When did we get like this, everyone scared of everyone else? The motto nowadays is to shoot, stab, beat-up, you name it first and ask questions later.

When will mankind get itself together and learn to live, play and work together like we did on that huge ship I was on, a microcosm of the world at large?

I hope it is soon.


Say “Cheese!”

This is my contribution to the Flash Fiction Challenge I read on Nortina’ s Lovely Curses blog,  Unfortunately, I can never figure that frog link out but here it is.



“Why do you want to do somethin’ stupid like that? ”

“It’s not stupid.” Donnie cackled. “It’s funny!”

Hank didn’t even bother to look up from his cell phone at his best friend, whose antics tended to lean toward the larcenous variety. “It’s stupid.” He dodged Donnie’s attempt to snatch it. After a few minutes of this, Hank sighed with an exaggerated air and stuck it in his back pocket. Darkness approached and using it as cover, Hank followed Donnie.

Skipping like a cherub, Donnie threw two lit cherry bombs inside the ear of one of the gaily-colored plaster bulls standing above the stairs of City Hall. The bulls were there to advertise the bull riding contest at the stadium armory.

Donnie snickered as they scampered away. Loud blasts took most of the head off of the aforementioned beast.

It also lit up their faces for the security camera.

©Pamela D. Beverly

Just When I Thought…

…my audio book was on its way, with the smooth and velvety chocolate tones of my narrator, Jean Francois, he’s been sidelined. He’s under the weather with an illness that without question affects the quality of one’s voice.

I could go back to the search for someone else but I’d rather not.

So it’s back to the waiting of a different sort.

What would you do?

No words

We don’t accept this. We’re silent because we are numb. Once again, the world is face-to-face with terrorism in its ugliest form.

Sue Vincent - Daily Echo

Sometimes there are no words. They have all been said. We are left only with those that sound like platitudes although they are spoken from the heart.

There are no words. Yet to remain silent is to accept somehow, that this is the way our days now unfold, that terror and violence are just news items, that life is cheap and human flesh mere fodder for extremist politics.

There are no words, yet there are those will spew rhetoric and seek to boost their own cause or popularity on the back of such horror.

There are no words to encompass the abhorrence felt at the perpetration of such acts felt by all those with a heart, regardless of nationality or creed. This is no more than murder, committed by a handful of power–hungry bigots seeking to impose by force what reason and freedom denies…and in doing so, going against the…

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How Upper and Lower Case Letters Changed the World

A Writer's Path


by Suzanne Purkis

When I was studying European history at university, I had to write a paper about the Carolingian empire. You won’t be surprised to learn that I chose a language-related topic. These days, as my six-year-old learns to read and write, I’ve been thinking about that paper. Today, I’d like to revisit it.

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A Poem for the Voter – Vote!


This is my contribution to LovelyCurses blog:

Blood has been shed.

“I’m not gonna vote,” you said.

Was it all for naught?

How much time have you got?

Does it really take that long?

Not as long as it took

our ancestors.

Those sharecroppers,


and also maids.

Shoe shiners,


and most of all, slaves.

Will it cost you that much?

It cost them a lot.

And you think now

of what you haven’t got?

Think of what they may

take from you later.

It’s probably what they want

since it’s not your vote

to whom they cater.

Wise up, young ‘uns

and old folks, too.

Let’s make sure they know

that we aren’t fools.

One is a lonely number

but joined by another

counts for another vote cast.

It’s up to you, sisters and brothers.

They’re waiting,

your ancestors

and so am I.

Copyright 2016 by Pamela D. Beverly


This poem is inspired by Lovely Curses’ blog,

More than, less than

I hate the word Minority

it means less than.

It’s supposed to refer to our numbers

but how do we know

that it’s not the opposite of we can?

Categories in general

just set my teeth on edge.

There are too many of them around.

Into our hearts, it drives a wedge.

More than, less than

may we just equate

that we are all human beings

born of the human race?

Mankind is supposed to be superior

to all living things.

Sometimes I don’t see it, though,

’cause countless wars still persist,

their ends we’ll never know.

Pamela D. Beverly                            #BlaPoWriMo